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Vent Master is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of air release valves, and valve product solutions. Our highly trained and experienced design and sales team have a thorough understanding of the industry and our products applications. Vent Master team members work closely with the client to achieve the best performance solutions are obtained. Designed and manufactured in Australia under a quality management system accredited to ISO9001, the Vent Master valve range offers exceptional lead times and technical support, key factors of our great service.

The core range consists of 3 specialised models allowing the team to concentrate on development and reliability. We at Vent Master pride ourselves on our adaptability, tailoring solutions fit for purpose across every facet of the Water, Mining and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industries.

Vent Master Valves are used worldwide for the control of gases in pipelines. Our demanding markets include heavy industry, mining, commercial applications and water utilities. Vent Master valves control the removal and introduction gas and air to protect pipelines. Our range allows you to reach and maintain optimal pipeline performance, minimise downtime and keep your operations running smoothly and safely– translating into lower operating costs. Click here to view our complete product catalogue

Vent Master HR

Purpose designed for the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Industry and is widely used as the valve of choice in Australia due to its large venting capacity, light weight and compact design. Click for our Brochure or Download PTL independent test results.

Vent Master PX

A robust valve which can handle all media types.

It has a range of technical advantages:

  • A compact height allowing for reduced manhole and trenching depths. The Vent Master PX is 520mm in height
  • It is extremely easy to service and maintain due to its lightweight. The valve weighs 13 kg
  • It has superior corrosion performance
  • Large venting performance – up to 670 litres (24 cubic feet) per second
  • Has built-in surge protection as standard
  • Vacuum breaking feature to protect pipeline infrastructure from vacuum collapse
  • High end optional Super Duplex Stainless Steel internals for the Desalination Industry/High chloride applications

In terms of standards, and in addition to WSAA (Water Services Association of Australia) Product Appraisal

  • The valve body (HDPE) has successfully undergone supplementary FEA (Finite Element Analysis) computer modelling
  • It is the only valve that complies with AS4883 “Air Valves for Sewerage” and exceeds AS4020 “Testing of Products in Contact With Drinking Water”
  • Widely approved for use by Water Authorities on the Eastern Sea Board

Download the Vent Master PX brochure

View the WSAA report AS4883

Download the Vent Master PX FEA

View the Vent Master PX AS4020 report

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